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MVI Vertical Booster Pumps

MVI Vertical Booster Pumps

Wilo MVI Booster Pumps


Technical Characteristics:
  • Stainless steel in-line pump
  • Standard three-phase motor of V18/V1 construction
  • Temperature of pumped medium ranges from 15°C to +120°С
  • Max. process pressure is 16 and 25 bar;
  • Steel quality: 1.4301 or 1.4404
  • Oval counter-flanges (from Rp 1 to Rp 1 1/2) are also supplied for PN16 construction


Wilo Multivert MVI refers to a vertical centrifugal booster pump characterized by moderate suction and in-line construction. Impeller and the driving wheel, as well as the rest of the pump parts are made of chromium-nickel steel. The pump construction contains a sliding mechanical seal that is not dependent on rotation direction. The motor and pump shafts are connected by a fore spherical coupling. The antifriction bearing installed on the lantern, fully compensates the axial hydraulic power.

The pumps are equipped with a standard three-phase or single-phase motor (max. 1.5 kW) of V1 or V18 construction.Three-phase motors should be protected, while single-phase motors are equipped with built-in protection and a capacitor. All plastic parts are approved by KTW / WRC. PN 16 construction  features oval flange, and GG-mating flange. PN 25 construction  circular flange.

Type’s Code Application:
Example: Wilo MVIS 405
  • MVIS – vertical multistage centrifugal pump with motor flange fitting. All parts contacting with medium are made of INOX (stainless steel 1.4301);
  • 4 – nominal delivery (m3/h,  2 poles./ 50 Hz);
  • 05 – number of stages.
  • Water supply and pressure boosting;
  • Fire distinguishing systems;
  • Boosting;
  • Industrial circulation systems;
  • Technological systems;
  • Cooling systems;
  • Washing machines and water distribution vehicles.


Performance indicators at 50 Hz MVI 1 MVI 2 MVI 4 MVI 8 MVI 16..-6
Max. flow rate, m³/h 3 4 8 16 25
Max. head, m 240 230 210 230 130

Performance indicators at 50 Hz MVI 16 MVI 32 MVI 52 MVI 70 MVI 95
Max. flow rate, m³/h 25 50 70 100 150
Max. head, m 240 220 180 172 160
Operational Characteristics
Wilo-Multivert MVI 1/2/4/8/16..-6

Operational Characteristics Wilo-Multivert MVI 1/2/4/8/16..-6

Operational Characteristics
Wilo-Multivert MVI 32/52/70/95

Operational Characteristics Wilo-Multivert MVI 32/52/70/95





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