ATR Series Peristaltic Pumps

ATR Series Peristaltic Pumps

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Operation Principle 

A pump casing contains a high-elasticity hose, which is flanged at both ends. The flanges are connected to suction and discharge lines of the system. Within the casing there is a rotor with two rollers at opposite sides. As the rotor is rotating, the hose is totally compressed by the rollers, and the product within the hose is pushed forward. The sucking action starts as the hose restores its original cylindrical form after compression. The hose's surface must be lubricated with siliconic grease.

The advantage of ATR series hose pumps is that the only pump part contacting with medium is a hose. Such design eliminates using pump seal. Hose surface should be lubricated by silicon grease.

Technical Characteristics
  • Process pressure — up to 10 bar;
  • Flow rate — up to 60 m³/h;
  • Self-priming, head up to 9.5 m;
  • Dru run is available;
  • Reversive rotation is available; 
  • Hose replacing without pump dismantling;
  • Easy cleaning and sterilizing;
  • Pumped liquid does not contact with mechanical parts;
  • Easy adjusting;
  • The hose is the only wearing part;
  • Easy maintainance, low cost and short downtime;
  • Do not require expensive auxiliary equipment: design does not include mechanical seals, ball valves,diaphragms, gland seals, submersible rotors, stators and plungers which can leack, become fouled or get rusted;
  • Hose should be lubricated by silicon grease;
  • Easy operation and maintenance;
  • Prevents leackages, pump equal volumes per rotation.
Рабочие характеристики ATR
Application Range

Water Treatment
Supplying water to pressfilters, dosing lime milk and pumping bactiriological residue. 

Paper and Carton Production
Transferring extracting solution, different types of glue, titanium dioxide, pumping contaminated water, gum, slurry, etc. 

Construction Works
Pumping solutions for finishing and concreting, supplying ectraction agents, pumping glue and residues.

Agricultural sector

Pumping wine raw material, emptyings, vegetable pulp, waste products of potato processing, process liquids, other types of waste water etc.

Chemical Industry
Pumping wastewater containing suspended solids, alkali, acid, etc.

Terament of Metal Surface
Pumping chemical agents in the process of galvanic treatment of metals, etching and defatting of different surfaces. Pumping different oils, solvents and cleaning solutions is also allowed. 

Nuclear Power
Pumping liquid waste products of nuclear power stations.

Food industry
Pumping dairy and other food products.

Pharmaceutic industry
Pumping and dosing pharmaceutical products.

Cosmetic Industry
Pumping and dosing cosmetic products.