Pumps with PTO (power-take off) Shaft Drive of Nettuno Tractor

Pumps with PTO (power-take off) Shaft Drive of Nettuno Tractor

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Centrifugal lift-type pumps with PTO shaft drive of tractor are designed for supplying water to the rainfall simulators and sprinkler systems with the pressure of 0.8 ... 16.9 atm and the volume of 12 ... 270 cu.m m/h.

Characteristic feature of PTO shaft tractor pump stations is that they are hung on the hydraulic system and are put into action by the means of the power take-off (PTO) shaft. In order to increase the impeller rotation frequency of the pump the reduction gear box is installed which is integrated with the pump.

Maximum pump capacity — 270 m³/h, head - 169 m.


  • Household and industrial use
  • Irrigation
  • Field watering systems

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