NRP Screw Pumps

NRP Screw Pumps

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Доставка по Україні: Тариф перевізника
Самовивіз зі складу: Безкоштовно
Оплата: готівковий, безготівковий,
зворотня доставка.
Гарантія: офіційна гарантія від виробника.

Pump Capacity

NRP screw pumps are applicable to pumping viscous mass (viscosity up to 1800 kg/m3) at the temperature up to 100 °С (up to 150 °С upon request). Screw pumps (operation at 150 °С is available upon request)
NRP screw pumps are designed for pumping chocolate, confectionery mass, paste, dough, etc. The shaft is sealed by gland seal.
Screw pumps, used for treatment of thick, viscous and stringy mass (containing some abrasive particles and air bubbles) can be divided into different types. All pumps of this series can be applied to pumping products (resins, pastes, oils, food, or even aggressive liquids) so that the solid particles they contain are not fragmented or destroyed by mixing with the base fluid.
Screw pumps used in food industry provide the opportunity to pump jam containing whole berries or sauces containing pieces of vegetables, while those used in oil refining industry provide the opportunity to pump viscous oil remains that contain a big volume of fibrous impurities.


    Screw pumps are applicable to the following fields of industry:
  • food
  • cosmetic
  • pharmaceutical
  • chemical
  • other fields


Pump type Flow rate, m³/h Head, m Installed power of electric motor, kW Rotation speed, r/min Weight, kg
NRP Screw 1-3 10 2,2 920 60
NRP Screw 8-10 10-15 4,0 920 85