Pedrollo 4SR Borehole Pumps

Borehole pumps

Pedrollo 4SR Borehole Pumps

4" borehole sand-resistant pumps

Опросный лист для подбора насосов

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The construction of hydraulic pump part, the composition of materials used, front insert element together with axial movement of impellers as well as the possibility to pump water containing sand up to 150 g/m³ all provide reliable protection of pump against seizure and wear due to sand ingress.

Technical characteristics:
  • Flow rate up to 375 l/min (22.5 m³/h).
  • Head up to 525 m.
Operation limits:
  • Liquid temperature up to +30°С.
  • Sand content no more than 150 g/m³.
  • Number of start-ups per hour 20 in regular intervals.

Application and installation

Pumps are recommended to be applied to pumping clean water with sand content of no more than 150 g/m3. Due to the high power efficiency and reliability, the pumps are suitable for domestic, civil and industrial use, for water undertaking together with pressure maintenance systems, irrigations, pressure boosting in the network, for being used in wash units and fire-extinguisher systems, etc.  

Construction characteristics
  • Pump housing and support assembly: AISI 304.
  • Back pressure valves: AISI 304.
  • Impellers and diffusers: technopolymers
  • Diffuser box: AISI З04
  • Pmp casing: AISI 304.
  • Pump shaft: AISI 304.
  • Pump bearings: fixed part is made of special technopolymer while rotating bushings and shaft are made of AISI 316 with chrome oxide coating to improve sand resistance. 
  • Drive coupling: AISI 316L for up to 2.2 kW; AISI 304 for higher power 
  • Fittings, filters and cable protection: AISI 304.
  • Motor:  Pedrollo 4SRm 4-inch submersible electrical motor: single phase 220-230 В - 50 Hz. 4SR: tree-phase 380-415 В - 50 Hz.
  • IP rating: IP68