FOODBOXER Food Processing Diaphragm Pumps

FOODBOXER Food-Processing Diaphragm Pumps

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FOODBOXER food-processing pumps feature high capacity, power and capability, which makes them applicable to pumping highly viscous liquids (up to 50.000 cps at 20°C), as well as those containing suspended solids.

Система качества ISO

Насосы DEBEM. Сделано в Италии

FOODBOXER food-processing pumps are self-priming even if suction head is considerable, and the pump is not overloaded. There is also a possibility for speed fine tuning without pressure loss, flow rate and head adjusting, and the possibility for sustained operation without overload and damage. In addition, the huge choice of construction materials allows selecting optimum chemical compatibility with the fluid and/or environment without neglecting the temperature range. They are specially designed for demanding applications with high humidity or for potentially explosive environment (ATEX certification).

Pneumatic pumps for food industry

Food-processing pumps with a pneumatic drive are designed for pumping abrasive, sensitive to shift fluids and fluids with high viscosity. They are excellent for pumping heavy and flowing fluids.

Characteristics of FOODBOXER Food-Processing Pumps
  • available in AISI 316;
  • used in potentially-explosive environment (ATEX certification);
  • suitable for severe conditions and high-humidity environment;
  • dry operation is allowed;
  • dry self-priming mode;
  • the energy of compressed air without using any particles of lubricant serves as the drive;
  • adjustable performance and operating suction head
  • fine tuning of motor speed at constant pressure;
  • double-manifold option (two inlet and two outlet openings);
  • three inlet and three outlet manifolds;
  • easy maintenance and parts replacement;
  • excellent performance, price/quality ratio;

Model range

Flow rate
Construction material
foodboxer 30
G 1/2” f
30 l/min
Aisi 316
foodboxer 50
G 1/2” f
50 l/min
Aisi 316
foodboxer 80
G 1”
100 l/min
Aisi 316
foodboxer 100
G 1” f
150 l/min
Aisi 316
foodboxer 150
G 1” 1/4 f
220 l/min
Aisi 316
foodboxer 251
G 1” 1/2 f
340 l/min
Aisi 316
foodboxer 502
G 2” f
650 l/min
Aisi 316
foodboxer 503
FOODBOXER 503 G 3” f 900 l/min Aisi 316

Basic types of FOODBOXER diaphragm pump units :

Self-priming mode

Functions of drum-transfer pumps

Self-priming mode Functions of drum-transfer pumps
Positive suction head

Full immersion into the pumped medium

Positive suction head Full immersion into the pumped medium

Double inlet and outlet manifold

Double inlet manifold
Double inlet and outlet manifold Double inlet manifold