Hydroponics (Dosing systems for fertilizers)

Automatic pH controller

One of the most outstanding products developed, designed and manufactured by ProSystemAqua is the pH controller. the pH controller has been specially designed for continuous monitoring and measurement of pH in a water tank. Its small and precise volume of 40 ml / h makes it the easiest to use and at the same time the most advanced product on the market. In addition to its excellent technical characteristics, minimalistic design and simplicity, it also has a good price. This ProSystemAqua pH controller gives you the ability to automate pH measurement and control processes. The controller measures the pH in the water tank and doses the pH automatically to maintain the required values. It is useful for all applications where constant and precise monitoring is required.

EC dosing controller

The automatic EC ProsystemAqua controller will regularly and accurately measure your nutrient solution. The Ec controller automates the process of regulating and controlling the conductivity. The controller measures and regulates the necessary nutrients through the water tank automatically, without overdosing. Simple operation makes the Ec controller the best on the market.

PH & Ec regulator

This is the most complete fertilizer controller on the market. Its numerous functions make it the best EC and pH regulator. Ningún Compettidor se asemeja al pH & Ec controller. No competitor looks like it. With the pH & Ec controller system, you can also control the watering time and influence the recirculation controller. You no longer have to worry about the value of the water, not even about filling the water tank or dousing the water in your production. There are several advantages, but the best is comfort and the end result. With the pH & Ec controller, you can operate and control all water supply systems: both continuous and programmed temporary irrigation systems. This is a unique opportunity with great prices.

Hydroponic system

This is an automatic pH and fertilizer control system. With a hydroponic system, you will get the desired Ec and pH value in each fertigation system. The hydroponic system consists of a controller that controls the pH (up or down), three controllers per fertilizer with an individual flow for each. You will also be able to control the water level in the tank, as the hydroponic system is able to activate the solenoid valves for filling water through the level sensor inside the tank.

Hydroponic system using a computer

After years of experience, we launched the Hydroponic system using a computer, the world's most advanced pH and nutrient regulator. There is no controller like this. With a hydroponic system using a computer, you can also monitor the pH of the water, stimulators through the water flows detected by the pulse emitter that carries this system. The hydroponic system uses a computer to control the water temperature, the time required for irrigation, the recirculation controller, and the water filling when the Ec value increases to keep it always at the correct level. With a computer-based hydroponic system, you will be able to visualize and monitor all water values and maintain the entire irrigation system in incredible conditions with a computer from any part of the world, including alarms that will notify you if any abnormality is detected.