Special IPH pumps for pumping overheated water and heat-transfer oil

IPH Series Specially Designed Pumps for Hot Water and Over-Heated Steam Supply

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Technical Characteristics:

  • Nominal bore: DN 20 to DN 80;
  • Pumped medium: heat-transfer oil, water and water glycolic mixtures for heating systems;
  • Liquid temperature: from -10°C to +350°C;
  • Process pressure: 9 bar up to +350°С, 23 bar up to +210°С.
  • Application field: heating and hot water supply systems, domestic water supply systems, pressure boosting and liquid supply, industrial applications.
Operational Characteristics:

Operational Characteristics:


 Single-stage low-pressure centrifugal in-line pump that includes the following items:
  • mechanical seal;
  • flange connections;
  • lantern equipped with heat radiation fins;
  • standard motor. 

Construction materials:

  • pump housing: steel founding GS-60;
  • lantern: GGG-37;
  • impeller: EN-GJL-250;
  • shaft: X5CrNiCuNb174;
  • sliding mechanical seals: AQ1GG; other mechanical seals are available upon request. 

WILO IPH-O pump is used for transferal of heat-transfer oil in closed circulation systems of industrial application.

WILO IPH-W pump is used for pumping hot water containing no abrasive impurities in closed industrial circulation systems, district heat supply systems, closed heating systems, etc. 


Pumps for Hot Water and Over-heated Steam Supply

Pumps for Hot Water and Over-heated Steam Supply