НРП Ш Gear Pumps

НРП Ш Gear Pumps

Gear Pumps


НРП Ш Gear rotor pumps are designed for pumping medium that features dynamic viscosity up to 8 Pa•s, density up to 1800 kg/m³, and temperature up to 100°С (150°С is available upon additional request). Gear pumps ideally fit to pumping viscous and highly viscous products for food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications.

Pumps are applicable to media with viscosity ranging from low to very high one. They are ideal for gentle transfer of various delicate media, such as dairy products, yeast, fats, molasses, sugar syrup, fruit juices, chocolate, blood products, enzymes, toothpaste, cosmetic creams, pet food, solvents, slurry, chemicals, etc.


  • in  confectionary industry for pumping chocolate, paste, cream and syrup;
  • in milk industry for pumping sour cream, yogurt, cream, cottage cheese and cheese grain;
  • in processing industry for pumping  ragout, caviar, forcemeat, and sauces;
  • in cosmetic industry for pumping creams, soap, shampoo, concentrates, etc;
  • other applications

Rotors are sealed by mechanical seals.

The Principle of Operation

Rotor pump consists of two rotors rotating inside without contact. As the rotors rotate, the space between the pump housing and the rotors is gradually filled with the product that moves to the discharge nozzle being of definite volume. Pumped product forms a continuous  flow due to adjusted access between the rotors and the housing, ensuring efficient process of pumping.


Pump Type Flow rate, m³/h Head, m Installed capacity of electric motor,
Overall dimensions, mm* Weight, kg*
L H B d
НРП Ш 0,2/80 construction 2 0,2 80 0,55 255 210 150 30 25
НРП Ш 4/80 construction 2 4 80 3 265 210 130 40 50
НРП Ш 6/50 construction  2 6 50 2,2 550 210 215 50 40
НРП Ш 10/40 construction 1 10 40 3-4 450 600 340 50 100
НРП Ш 20/40 construction 1 20 40 7,5 450 600 340 50 100

* overall dimensions and weight are indicated without taking into account the drive and the motor.We can supply the pump separately, and the pump with the drive and the motor as well.

Gear Pumps