PB Compact Booster Pump

Creates additional working pressure in water supply system 

PB Compact Booster Pump

PB (WILO) Booster Pump for Household Applications

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Applicable to cold and hot water supply systems. 

Wilo-PB booster pump with built-in automatic devices for boosting cold water pressure. 

  • automatic On/Off depending on water consumption
  • built-in heat protection
  • built-in dry run protection
  • low noise level
Flow Rate Diagram

Диаграммы производительности

 WILO-PB Advantages
  • Pump can be installed at the system inlet or in front of gas or electric water heating equipment, in front of jacuzzi and shower cabins, in front of washing or diswashing machines.
  • Pump impeller is made of high quality polymer, which prevents corrosion and damages caused by salt deposits. 
  • No additional filtrating or water treatment equipment required. 
  • Small power motor does not overload the electric power network, can be operated in case of voltage fluctuations ±10%.
  • Inlet and otlet are made of bronze. 
  • Space-saving design, several variants of installation
Pump Technical Data
Pump Max. power [W] Installed length [mm] Connection diameter [mm] Max. head [m] Weight [kg]
PB-088EA 140 180 15/20 8 3.5
PB-200EA 340 220 15/20 15 8.0
PB-400EA 550 270 32 20 13.0