Phoenix Food Electropolished Stainless Steel Pumps

Phoenix Food Pneumatic Electropolished Pumps Made of Stainless Steel

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Гарантія: офіційна гарантія від виробника.

A new range of double-diaphragm pumps for food and cosmetic applications. 

Due to their design, pneumatic double-diaphragm pumps of Phoenix Food series can be applied to food and cosmetic applications. 
Phoenix Food pneumatic double-diaphragm pumps are made of FDA approved materials. 

All pump parts contacting with pumped medium are exclusively made of specially electropolished AISI and PTFE; both materials are approved for food applications.

These pumps can be used for pumping abrasive and viscous products having strict requirements for hygiene and careful pumping of food products with temperature up to  95°C.

Application range:

  • pumping sauces,
  • puree,
  • beverages,
  • ketchup, 
  • yeasts,
  • pasta, 
  • cream,
  • chocolade, 
  • fiber, 
  • fruit,
  • vegetables, 
  • flavours,
  • syrup.

Phoenix Food diaphragm pumps by Fluimac are specially designed in compliance with rigid requirements for technological processes in food industry.

 Fluimac Phoenix Food Pumps



насос PF100

Connections CLAMP 1"
Max. flow rate 100 l/min
Max head 70m
Air connection 3/8" BSP


Диаграммы производительности насоса PF100


насос PF160

Connections CLAMP 1 1/2"
Max. flow rate 160 l/min
Max. head 70m
Air connection 1/2" BSP

Диаграммы производительности насоса PF160



насос PF500

Connections CLAMP 2"
Max. flow rate 500 l/min
Max. head 70m
Air connection 3/4" BSP

Диаграммы производительности насоса PF500


насос PF700

Connections CLAMP 2 1/2"
Max. flow rate 680 l/min
Max. head 70m
Air connection 3/4" BSP

Диаграммы производительности насоса PF700