PQ 3000 (Pedrollo) High Pressure Peripheral Pumps

PQ 3000 (Pedrollo) High Pressure Peripheral Pumps

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PQ3000 peripheral pumps are designed for pumping clean water containing no abrasive  particles, as well as for pumping non-aggressive liquids.

These pumps are called peripheral, for they feature a big number of radial blades on the surface of the impeller. These radial blades transfer the pumped liquid energy.
These pumps are characterized by excellent self-priming capacity, in other words, they do not require the intake pipe to be previously filled by liquid. In addition, peripheral pumps feature compact size, high efficiency, and easy mainteinance.

In terms of construction and maintenance of one or another series, Pedrollo pumps are widely used in household, industry, etc.

PQ 3000 Technical Characteristics:
  • Max. head is up to 160 m
  • Flow rate is up to 3 m³/h
  • Power is 2,2 kW
  • Diameter of attacheble nozzle is  ¾"
  • Voltage: 230/400 V - 50 Hz
  • Max. temperature of pumped medium: 90 С°
  • Max. ambient temperature: 40 С°
  • Weight is 19 kg
  • Temperature of pumped medium ranges from -10 °С to +90 °С;
  • Outside temperature ranges from -10 °С до +40 °С;
  • Max.pressure in housing is 18 bar;
  • Manometric head of the pump is up to 8m;
  • S1 continuous operation

Технические характеристики насоса PQ 3000

Вихревые насосы PQ3000

PQ 3000 Design Characteristics:
  • Pump housing: cast iron, nozzles with ISO 228/1 thread;
  • Housing cover: lattin with stainless steel front insert;
  • Support: aluminum with lattin and stainless steel front insert; prevents impeller jam after long downtime;
  • Impeller: bronze, peripheral radial blades;
  • Drive shaft: stainless steel EN 10088-3 - 1.4104;
  • Mechanical seal: ceramics - graphite - NBR;
  • Electric motor: noiseless motor of closed type with internal ventilation, applicable to continuous operation, PQ 3000: three-phase 230/400 V- 50 Hz;
  • Isolation: F class;
  • Вихревые насосы PQ3000

Вихревые насосы PQ3000

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