Rover Pump By-Pass

График ROVER By-Pass
ROVER 20 By-Pass
ROVER 25 By-Pass

Rover Pump By-Pass

Pumps of this series are equipped with a built-in bypass valve "By-Pass", which makes it possible to switch the bypass valve on the pump body when filling liquid into the container. When switching-the pump will work on itself, the liquid will circulate in the pump housing. This method can not be long-term when the pump is turned on, because depending on the type of liquid, heating and cavitation may occur.

This type of pump is a self - priming vortex type, with bronze parts and Nickel-plated bronze.

Can be used as the analogs Pedrollo, Speroni-with cast iron housing and is not always suitable for liquids requiring hygiene and not interaction of pump parts, oxidation.

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Customer pickup (ex-stock): free of charge

Payment: direct financial payment, bank transfer,

Warranty: official manufacturerwarranty..

Article Model L/h D mm HP W Hmax(m) r.p.m. A x B x H Kg.  
300000BP ROVER 20 By-Pass 800-1700 20 0.5 340 12-24 2850 230x120h190 5 to order
540000BP ROVER 25 By-Pass 1200-2400 25 0.8 550 12-24 2850 230x120h190 6 to order