TEH Milk Pumps

TEH Milk Pumps

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TEH Milk Pumps

Milk Pumps


Milk pumps are designed for pumping water, wine, milk, juices and their concentrates, as well as chemical and pharmaceutical products.


  • Flow rate: up to 220 m³/h;
  • Total head: up to 90 m;
  • Max. viscosity: 1000 sPc;
  • Max. Ø of suspended solids: 55 mm.

TEH pumps for milk application refer to robust pumps that are used in food industry. Pump design allows pumping liquids and mixtures of viscosity up to 1500 cPs, or liquids containing suspended solids (20%) <30 mm in diameter . The design with external mechanical seal is mainly used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It is also available to use pumps of this series integrated with BL 120 mixer for mixing powder with liquid (flour and water, powder and milk) to prevent grain formation.  

The main factor taken into account when choosing a pump is its sanitary and technical parameters. The pump was tested and is fully compliant with EHEDG requirments (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) “Report n. V6603”. 

EHEDG Certification

EHEDG Certification

  • Construction material: AISI 316 stainless steel;
  • Impeller: open type, 3/4 blades,  Ø min. 115- Ø max. 230 mm;
  • Fittings:   DIN 11851 clamp (standard), DIN 11864 (available upon request);
  • Electric motor: 2-4 pole / I.Cl. F - IP55 - 400В-690 - 3 phases - 50 Hz.

TEH Milk Pumps

TEH Milk Pumps

TEH Milk Pumps

Application Range
  • Milk and dairy products

Milk and milk products

TEH Operational Characteristics, 1450 rpm

TEH Operational Characteristics (1450 r/min)

 TEH Operational Characteristics, 2900 rpm

TEH Operational Characteristics (2900 r/min)