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Wilo-DrainLift KH 32, TMP Pressure Units for Sewage Disposal

Напорные установки для отвода сточных вод Wilo-DrainLift KH 32, TMP

Wilo DrainLift KH, TMP Sewage Units

Опросный лист для подбора насосов

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KH: Pumping of domestic sewage effluents (in case of direct installation behind the WC pan) as well as waste waters from shower cabins, bidets and sinks without the inclusion of fat and oil particles. 

TMP: Pumping of domestic sewage effluents from shower cabins, sinks, washing and dish washing machines (up to 75°C) which do not comprise particles of fat and oil. 

Ease of installation
  • Ready-to-connect small-size unit with all the necessary control devices, the built-in backpressure valve, overflow protection and cable with a plug.  
  • New design with hidden pipes supply offer the possibility to avoid piling-up of pipelines indoors.
  • Air exhaust is performed via the built-in filter with activated carbon.
Service ability
  • The grinder provides passage of solid particles and maintain high reliability of fecal effluents pumping subject to operation instructions (KH 32-0.4 EM).
  • Operating temperature of the unit makes it possible to pump out waste waters from washing and dish washing machines (TMP 32-0.5 EM).
  • Built-in thermal motor protection ensures maximum realibility and safety operation. 
Ease of use
  • Minimum noise floor is achieved due to the use of submersible pump.
  • Easy access to the grid and to macerator simplifies the maintenance and reduce its service time (KH 32-0.4 EM).
  • The unit operates fully automatic due to the work of the built-in level control device.

Wilo-DrainLift Model range


Wilo Drainlift KH 32

Wilo Drainlift TMP  32

KH 32 TMP 32
Max.flow rate 4 m³/h 11 m³/h
Max.head 5.7 m 10 m
Motor 1~230 V, 50 hz
Water quality waste water
dirty water
Permissible top-liquid temperature up to +35°C up to +75°C
Pump installation horizontal
Dimensions (WхHхL) 26.9x30x51.1 cm

Размеры KH 32

26.8х30х51.1 cm

Размеры TMP 32

Overall tank volume 12 l 17 l
Weight 7.8 kg 7.1 kg

DrainLift KH 32

Wilo Drainlift KH 32 DrainLift KH 32 is suitable for pumping wastewater from a toilet, as well as, for example, from one additional sink, where it is impossible to conduct away sewage into the sewerage system by gravity.
The unit is equipped with macerator for crushing large fractions.
The unit is mounted behind the toilet bowl (direct mounting).

Installation diagram

Small-size unit for sewage disposal (floor mounted)

Канализационный насос с измельчителем DrainLift KH 32

Installation diagram of Wilo Drainlift KH 32 sewage pumping station

Схема установки канализационной станции Wilo Drainlift KH 32

DrainLift TMP 32

Wilo Drainlift TMP  32

DrainLift TMP 32 is suitable either for disposal of domestic wastewater free from fecal inclusions and wastewater from washing machines free from long-fibered particles, or wastewater from shower cabins and water pools free from chlorine. 

It is not allowed to pump out water containing fecal inclusions. DrainLift KH 32 pump Series is specially designed for black water.

Installation diagram

Small-size unit for wastewater disposal (floor mounted)

 Компактная установка для отвода сточных вод (напольный монтаж)

Installation diagram of Wilo Drainlift TMP 32 sewage pumping station

Схема установки канализационной станции Wilo Drainlift TMP 32

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