WQK Drain Pump with Macerator

WQK Drain Pump with Macerator

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WQK series refers to centrifugal pumps equipped with macerator which is installed on the inlet. Pumps are not subject to clogging and blockages.

Among the advantages of this series one can define reliability, high capacity, low energy consumption. In addition, the macerator provides the possibility to pump media containing paper or other long fibrous particles.

The pump with macerator is ideally applicable to pumping liquids out of remote areas, detached buildings, utilities, etc. However, these pumps are not applicable to pumping liquids containing big sand suspension.
  • drain pumps are equipped with a macerator, and can cut such waste as fabric, paper, etc;
  • double impeller of closed type;
  • rotor shaft is highly resistant to wear and corrosion;
  • double mechanical seal increases reliability of pump operation;
  • these pumps feature compact dimensions, small weight, easy operation and maintenance 

WQK drain pump of design that prevents clogging (macerator) are widely used in industry, agriculture irrigation, mining, construction, utilities, etc. They are ideal for pumping dirty water, wastewater containing long fibrous particles, sewage water, etc. 

Operational Conditions

Normal operation is provided under the following conditions:
- average temperature should not exceed +40ºС;
- average density of pumped medium ranges from 1000 to 1200 kg/m3;
- frequency is 50 Hz, voltage is 380 V; allowable tolerance of supply voltage within ± 10% of nominal one. 

Main Parameters
Performance Diagram

Performance Diagram

WQK 25-7-1.5 380/50 50 25 7 1.5 2860
WQK 25-10-2.2 380/50 50 25 10 2.2 2860
WQK 35-10-3 380/50 70 35 10 3 2860
WQK 50-10-4 380/50 100 50 10 4 2860
WQK 70-10-5.5 380/50 166 70 10 5.5 2860

WQK Drain Pump with Macerator

WQK Drain Pump with Macerator